Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rocky Mountain Miracle by Christine Feehan

Rocky Mountain Miracle

Christine Feehan

Rating and Recommendation

Rating: 5 teacups

Recommended: Yes, Yes, Yes

Book Club Worthy: Yes


Feehan does it again! She conquers romance where paranormal is not the feature and still keeps it one of my top Christmas novels.

Feehan fans will not be disappointed unless you only want the paranormal featured with your romance. The plot is still lovely forked here and there with wickedness that I know I have come to love through her other series and novels. The characters are full of depth and you will want to help Cole and Jase learn to trust if possible. There are some hot love scenes as is typical of Feehan which would put it into an adult category, but not on every other page, so parents you can be the judge.

This novel is packed full of great mystery and suspense along with the angst of romance. I did not put this book down until I finished it (even read while eating, and did not sleep until the last page read). Great thing it was a fast read. Everything flowed smoothly, Feehan kept the mystery and suspense until you almost could not take anymore and then she revealed another piece of the puzzle. All the time she was building the relationships, but still making it impossible to decide if there would be a happy ending. As you know I give no spoilers, and can be just as happy sometimes when love is lost in a great romance, so you have to read the book.

This book deserves a 5 for all of the above reasons and more. If you have never read any of her other books and like this one, I seriously suggest you pick up the beginning to one of her series.

So, if you do not mind a little adult, a lot of mystery and suspense, a romance with much uncertainty all the way to the end of the novel, and a little paranormal, this offering has your name stamped all over it, do not let this pass you by during the holiday season.


*I would like to thank Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGALLEY for giving me an unreleased copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

If you buy this book through the above link money is generated, however, donated to the non-profit American Association of University Women (AAUW). 


AAUW works empowering women, since 1881, standing up for causes in the areas of educational, social, economic and political issues especially important to women. Marie Currie was one of the first beneficiaries of the group that would become AAUW receiving monetary help to attend college. I am a proud member and believe that the profit from books seems a fitting donation.

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