Monday, November 10, 2014

Forbidden Fruit: A Nell Forrest Mystery 3 by Ilsa Evans

Forbidden Fruit:
A Nell Forrest Mystery 3

Ilsa Evans

Rating and Recommendation

Rating: 5 teacups

Recommendation: Yes, Yes, Yes

Book Club Worthy: Yes


Who finds a human skeletal remains while trying to plant an apple tree? You guessed it; Nell Forrest!

This is the third offering in the Nell Forrest Mystery Series, however, it read perfectly as a standalone, as I have never read the first two. If necessary I would have read the other two to put things into context, but it was not needed. I absolutely loved this humorous and witty plot that skillfully threw everything but the kitchen sink into the story-line on the way to the mysterious end. Evans had me eating out of her hands throughout the entire tale. If I could I would have given this novel a rating higher than 5.

I could not wait to get to each chapter as there was some new letter from a fan of her column that ran the gambit from quirky to downright rude, nevertheless always funny as an added bonus that started each beginning page. The members of her family are so lovable even in all their nuttiness that just makes them all the more endearing. Petra and Nell handled most of the situations as I would want to myself. I highly recommend this book especially with is ending being so unexpected. Do not miss this great, fun, and entertaining read!

I am doing something that I rarely do and providing the links to first two novels. I know that I am going to be reading them. I am also waiting to see what Nell is going to be up to next. I hope there is a book 4, if I get a vote, then my vote is yes, yes, yes!

So, if you do not mind a little adult, a lot of wit and humor, a little romance and a whole lot of great mystery and thriller this novel is going to blow your mind and take you on a happy ride!

Nefarious Doings:                                Ill-Gotten Gains:
A Nell Forrest Mystery 1                                                              A Nell Forrest Mystery 2


*I would like to thank Momentum Books via NetGALLEY for giving me an unreleased copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

If you buy this book through the above link money is generated, however, donated to the non-profit American Association of University Women (AAUW).

AAUW works empowering women, since 1881, standing up for causes in the areas of educational, social, economic and political issues especially important to women. Marie Currie was one of the first beneficiaries of the group that would become AAUW receiving monetary help to attend college. I am a proud member and believe that the profit from books seems a fitting donation.

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