Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Those Girls by Lauren Saft

Those Girls

Lauren Saft

Ratings and Recommendations

Rating: 1/2 teacup

Recommendation: No

Book Club Worthy: No


These girls are ones I wish I never read about and found the premise of the plot unbelievable.

This book rates a 1 star for numerous reasons, in fact on my blog it will receive ½ a star. The plot is peopled with undeveloped characters that actually I would not want to know any more about with the current storyline. It is definitely not my idea of a young adult book unless it is a how to be a disgusting human being; as Alex, Molly and even Veronica were lacking in any redeeming qualities. As I would not condone such a book, it only reinforces my opinion of it being not for teens. 

It is full of gratuitous sex, not for romance, but more of a disgust factor for me. Sexy hot sex is one thing. Threesomes for sixteen – year - olds is just not something I want to read about especially when it is making both girls feel bad about themselves. I usually leave deciding about sex in books for parents, but this is harmful sexual activity all over the place, not to mention giving someone a roofie. This is just not cool, in light of how the book ends! This gives truth to do not judge a book by its cover because the write up about it gave plenty of undeserved praise. Buyer beware, reader even more so.

Is this novel for you? If you are reading my blog, I hope not.


*I would like to thank Little, Brown Books for Young Readers via NetGALLEY for giving me an unreleased copy for an honest and fair review.

If you buy this book through the above link money is generated, however, donated to the non-profit American Association of University Women (AAUW).

AAUW works empowering women, since 1881, standing up for causes in the areas of educational, social, economic and political issues especially important to women. Marie Currie was one of the first beneficiaries of the group that would become AAUW receiving monetary help to attend college. I am a proud member and believe that the profit from books seems a fitting donation.

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