Monday, June 8, 2015

A Reason To Stay: A Plus Size Heroine Romance (Oak Hollow Book 1) by DJ Westerfield writing as June Stevens

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A Reason To Stay:

A Plus Size Heroine Romance (Oak Hollow Book 1)
DJ Westerfield writing as June Stevens 

Ratings and Recommendations

Rating: 5

Recommendation: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Book Club Worthy: In genre.


Can Ellie get past the secret that Jake has kept from her for over a year after their one-night stand and turn it into something more as she secretly desires, or will it forever tear them apart and take away her reason to stay…

As the first novel in a new series, this is a great start and deserves a 5. The plot is well thought out and has enough interesting twists without having too many as to confuse the storyline. Both Jake and Ellie seemed to be fleshed out throughout the novel becoming complex characters. There is plenty of heat in the sex and romance department with the off the charts chemistry between Ellie and Jake that finally erupts in their encounter. Leaving the question of whether Jake can convince Ellie he is no longer a lady killer and wants a relationship with just one woman…

I like the idea that Ellie is not a skinny wraith, however, I wish she would not be hard on herself and call herself fat for wearing a size 20. I also wish that she would not get after Jake for carrying her and telling him she would hurt him. Good for Jake and Stevens that he tells Ellie that he can carry her just fine.

So, is this book for you? If you like your romance novels full of adult sexy fun, you like it when the plus size girl has a good time with the sexy guy, characters can step outside their comfort zone and go with the flow, the author makes you work to the very end to know how it’s going to end. If you said yes, then this one’s for you. 

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