Thursday, June 25, 2015

Deep by Kylie Scott

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Stage Dive 4
Kylie Scott

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Rating: 5+ teacups

Recommended: Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Book Club Worthy: In genre, definitely!


Apparently everything that happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas for Lizzie and Ben as they find out she is pregnant from the one night stand they shared after Ben promised band mate Mal that he would not go near his new sister-in-law. What happens when the pregnancy progresses and Mal finds out Ben cannot keep his promise to him for even one night…?

This book brings to end the Stage Dive Quartet. I think my heart is absolutely breaking as I write this. I love this series. From the first chapter of Lick: Stage Dive 1, I have been hooked. I have read all four books more than once. I love Scott’s writing and storytelling that much. The plot’s flow and enough twists and turns to be interesting without so many that the story is bogged down. The characters are well developed and I feel like they are family. I am going to miss the Stage Dive characters very much. Right about now I am wishing there was a piano player as I am sure you will be after you say good bye to the band in this fabulous but still the end, novel. At least I can reread them when I am missing them ;-)

Best thing about books ever! Also, another great thing about this series, they are each standalone. If you are they lucky reader who has not been introduced to any of the Stage Dive Novels, you are in a treat and can read them in order, out of order, just read them. I cannot recommend them enough for the super-hot lead males, the great steamy sexy parts and the super make you want to cry romantic parts. These are adult romance so parents be aware and make a choice. 

Are the Stage Dive Novels, Deep, in particular for you? You want a leading men hot, love scenes the steamier the better, heroines strong, characters like family, a great plot, and a book that makes you need to turn the page to get to the ending. If this is you, these are the books for you!

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