Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Little History About Me and My Blog


Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope it interests and helps you. Your interaction is loved. I promise you no spoilers on the page. You want spoilers or have a question, e-mail. Disagree with me, let me know. You can comment, e-mail me, I only ask you to tell me why.  I do not mind if you disagree as long as you tell me why you feel that way. Even if you only tell me you could just not get into it. In fact, I feel differing opinions allow us to learn from each other and grow as well. So go ahead and tell me, just try not to me abusive to me please and thank you.
My love for reading goes back to my childhood when I was encouraged by paternal grandfather to read my books to him. This allowed me to become an early reader. I was always taken to the library and it was treated as a reward. The ability to read was explained to me as a gift and so was that of receiving a free public education. I was encouraged to read everything from books to food labels, so I did. I learned later that my paternal grandfather was not allowed to attend school only for a few years and as a result was illiterate. So my family did really realize literacy as the gift it is and how important it is to someone’s future.
I took this knowledge and tutored those struggling with reading. I have a book club and this blog. I say this loosely as no one else really wants to run it. I pick books and put them up and if someone objects we do not use that book. If it does not make the cut for the actual club I do recommend it if I feel it is at least a 4 teacup book. I also read every book before it makes the book club calendar.


Teacup Rating System

You might wonder what a Teacup book is, let alone a 4 teacup book. Teacups are my rating system for the books, most people use stars. How does that translate across the world? What do stars mean to you, then to me, or someone else? It is really a conceptual description that is totally dependent on what stars represent to each of us as a measurement system. I know teacups are somewhat subjective too, however I think they way I am using them might express the books review and ability to be recommended a little easier and perhaps more definable. My teacup or coffee cup if you prefer is 12oz. If you, like I do, go to Starbucks, then you recognize this as a Tall.
Now that you know my teacup size, I can tell you how my rating system works. It lets you know how many cups of tea that I drink while I am reading the book at one sitting. Do I really drink 5 plus teacups at one time?  In full disclosure, sometimes I will substitute another non-caffeinated (never alcoholic,) remember, I take my reading very serious. Even the book club talks book and then some stay and recommend books followed with a little social interaction.

Book Club

If any of you are interested in joining the book club, contact me at you must be local as it is a physical meeting in the Hampton Roads are in Virginia, United States. We even welcome Skyping with authors at the club meetings.
Thank you for spending your time with me and I would love to hear from you.

Warm Regards,

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